2 people sitting in a side by side with forced air helmets on.

What is a forced air helmet?

Forced Air Helmets are designed similar to full face helmet but feature a intake for a fresh air blower for driver cooling. Typically used for closed cockpit vehicles and at dusty tracks to feed fresh air to the driver.

How do forced air helmets work?

Air fed into the helmet is directed to the top of the head and down over the face. A small deflector just inside the visor area directs air towards the visor and away from the eyes.

What kind of helmet do you need for UTV?

The best option for UTV and ATV riders is a full-face helmet, which extends out in front of your mouth and chin. This offers more robust head protection compared with an open-face helmet.

Should you wear a helmet in a side by side?

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe while riding is to use the right gear. After all, wearing the proper safety gear will protect you from injuries if you get in an accident with your side by side. Both you and your passengers should be wearing well-fitting helmets that offer a high crash test rating.

Forced Air Helmets

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