UTV full windshields vs half windshields.

UTV full windshields help keep you warmer, protect you from rocks or flying debris. Another important reason is they help keep you dry in rainy conditions. Half windshields allow more airflow for hot days. They keep the dust flow in your cab down and may be easier to see through in muddy or rainy conditions.

Do UTV half windshields work?

A half windshield provides some protection against debris and the wind-tunnel effect. They help keep you cooler by allowing a bit of airflow in the cab. Their design—especially those with a molded lip at the top—tends to deflect most of the dust and wind upwards and over the machine as it's cruising along.

What is the best material for UTV windshield?

Hard-coated polycarbonate is nearly as scratch resistant as glass. It is the most common material used for UTV windshields, and in our opinion, it is the best option

UTV Full Windshield

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